Four Tips on Beating Your Defender

When you beat your defender on the soccer pitch, the field opens up to you. Beating your defender can create new opportunities and ideas that were not possible a few seconds earlier when there was a player guarding you.

When you beat your defender, you are free to create.

If you know how to properly beat your defender, you become a big part of your team as the player who can consistently beat your defender.

Below are 4 tips on beating your defender:

  1. Use Your Hips

As a young player, you are never taught to use your hips, it can cause fouls, but the best players naturally play with their hips and it greatly benefits them in the long-run. Players use their hips to make their defender lose balance, and sometimes don’t even use the ball or their whole body, just their hips.

To practice using your hips in soccer, simply move them back and forth in front of a mirror. When you get used to moving your hips, add the ball element and practice moving your hips in the same directions that you touch the ball.

  1. Take a powerful first step

You need to be able to explode in the open space in order to beat your defenders. Take a strong first step after you put the ball past your defender.

To practice, set up a cone and do a little move then push the ball past the cone like it’s the defender you are trying to beat. Focus on developing a quick, strong step right after you touch the ball.

  1. Use your eyes

People rarely talk about your eyes when they talk about beating a defender, however many of the best players to ever play use their eyes to beat their defenders.

Fake out your defender but looking over a direction, and take a step that way then explode the other way.

The best defenders look at their opponent’s eyes to see where they are going, fake them out by sending them the wrong way.

  1. Use your arms

Your arms are very important in soccer, they help you keep balanced, and also increases your acceleration and speed. When you use your arms you will increase your chances of beating your defender.

Use your arms to push away your defender’s body and arms. By using your arms, you will make it harder for the defender to grab you or hit you with his body.

Like all our tips, you must always practice to get it perfect. It’s like we like to say, learning takes five minutes, perfecting it takes a lifetime. As always don’t forget to grab all your training gear here at Ultimate Soccer Store for the best prices and deals on the web.

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