5 Tips on Being a Better Goalie

Being a goalie is probably one of the most important positions on the field. You are either the hero or the villain, can it be any worse than these two polar opposites?

If you are a goalie or are thinking about being a goalie, below are five tips on how to become a better goalie!

1. Focus

You need to focus all game long. It doesn’t matter if the ball is not near you, you need to focus on the game and have the vision to be able to predict what will happen so you can be prepared to make the save when your time comes.

2. Monitor the Ball

With focus will come monitoring the ball. One big mistake that goalies make when they are starting out is that they are looking at the opponents, but as you know, the ball can be in a completely different place. Focus on monitoring the ball and you will be doing right b your team.

3. Don’t Wait

Don’t stay on the line and wait for your opponent.

By now you should know that you will need to leave your box sometimes to clear the ball. You must be prepared for this one and you cannot hold back. Instead, you need to fulfill the run with determination, especially not in one vs. one situation.

What you need to do is run at the opponent and make yourself look bigger by stretching your body.

4. No Mistakes

However, when you are running at an opponent to make a save, or going up to defend crosses, you can’t afford to make mistakes, those can win or lose a game. When you go up in the air, for example, make sure you are always monitoring the ball and don’t lose track of it when you are on the air.

5. Confidence

Be cocky enough that you have confidence in yourself, but not cocky enough to think at 12 you are the next Buffon. Having confidence is one of the most important parts of being a goalie. You need to encourage yourself, and not let the mistakes (that will happen, like it or not) discourage you. The greats like Tim Howard never let the adversity get to them, and you shouldn’t either.

Practice makes perfect, keep these tips in mind and you will be able to become a better goalie and impress your coach.

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