4 Tips on Recovering After Playing Soccer

After you play a hard match, or just gave it your all in a tryout, the most important thing you need to do is recover.

If you don’t recover correctly, many things can happen that include injury, burnout, and reduction of your effectiveness on the pitch.

Below you will find a few tips we have for you in order to recover properly.

Cool Down

Yeah, we know… It’s not what you want to do. You’re tired, you played a hard game, and the last thing you want to do is to do more soccer-related work. Take the extra five minutes and you will have a much better time in the long run.

When you cool down, you also help prevent injuries… You’re welcome.

To cool down, all you need to do is a shorter version of what you did to warm up.


After a cool down, stretching builds your flexibility, that in turn reduces injuries.

Do some basic stretches to help build you flexibility such as hamstring, quad, hips, and groin.

Eat a good meal

You will need to refuel your body after going all in for 90 minutes. Don’t slow down your recovery time with junk food. Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced meal that has good fats, protein, and carbs to replenish your body!

A good post-game meal consists of: two fillets of salmon, two sweet potatoes, and a banana.


As you play, your body will lose electrolytes.

Rehydrating during a game is very important, but it cannot stop there. Rehydrating after a game is just as important as during a game.

A few great options to rehydrate yourself after a game include: water, sports drinks, and coconut water.

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