4 Steps to Follow If You Don’t Make a Soccer Team

One of the hardest things to get over in the soccer world is when you get cut from a team. Let’s be honest, it sucks.

Everyone who has ever been cut before feels anger, sadness, and even frustrated.

However, getting cut from a team doesn’t need to give you a negative feeling, it should strive you to get better!

Below are 4 steps you should take after being cut from a team:

“Walk on” to a different team

Every coach out there is looking for the best players, if one coach didn’t see your potential, don’t assume all coaches won’t.

Find the contact information of a coach you didn’t tryout for and ask him for a tryout.

The coach might let you come and train with the team. If you have a friend on the team, your chances will increase if they vouch for you and your skills.

Walking on works. Many players walk on, don’t be ashamed.

Walking on works best during the preseason but it can work anytime.

Take a break from soccer

If for some reason you can’t get a tryout or a walk on in another team, it might be best to take a two-week break from soccer.

Clear your head, do things you enjoy, hang out with people you love, and don’t put soccer in your mind not even for a minute. You will be refreshed after that.

Analyze what went wrong

After your two-week break, it’s time to take charge and get ready to play the beautiful game again.

Sure, you might still be sad from being cut from your team, but remember… Failure is an opportunity to grow.

Analyze what went wrong during the tryout. Was it pressure? Was it something that had nothing to do with soccer?

Go to the coach that cut you, and ask him for his opinion on your tryout, go in with a listening spirit and don’t go in ready to give a response for what he says.

Listen to the coach’s feedback and figure out what you need to work on to make the team next season.

Train with passion

Take that pain you had from getting cut and fuel your workouts and training sessions. Those emotions are fuel!

Grab the feedback the coach gave you and train on those areas to improve your game!

Like all our tips, you must always practice to get it perfect. It’s like we like to say, learning takes five minutes, perfecting it takes a lifetime. As always don’t forget to grab all your training gear here at Ultimate Soccer Store for the best prices and deals on the web.

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