3 Types of Soccer Shots and When to Use Them

A soccer shot is the most powerful arrow in your quiver as a soccer player. Chances are, if you are a novice, you tend to rely on only one type of shot, better known as the standard shot.

Although an effective standard shot is great and can be a great tool for any player, the three type of soccer shots we will mention below will give your quiver a few more arrows and could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Below are three effective soccer shots and when you should use them:

Chip Shot

You know the shot we are talking about… The one that you use all the time in FIFA18 when you are one-on-one with the keeper and he’s off his line. Well, that shot is an effective shot in real life too. Yes, it can be overused by certain players, but with that being said, the chip shot has good uses as well. Just like on FIFA18, use this shot when the keeper is off his line and you will make him look like a fool.

Bending Shot

Remember “Bend it like Beckham”? Yup, that’s what this is.

Use this shot to kick the ball around defenders, and score from impossible angles. This is the type of shot you have in your quiver that can win a lose a match for your team. Remember, even Beckham missed these and was scrutinized, don’t be discouraged.

Use any of part of your foot to do a bending shot. Using the inside or outside of your foot produces the most bend, then kick the sides of the ball at an angle. Use the inside of your foot, wrap your leg around the ball and follow through to the outside of your body.

Toe Shot

This is the least ideal shot, but it can also be a great shot to have in your arsenal.

The toe shot is effective, although it doesn’t give you power or accuracy like most shots, however, it helps you get rid of the ball faster.

If a defender is closing in and the ball is a few steps away and you don’t have time to use a straight shot, sticking your leg out and kicking it with your toe can be just as effective.

The easiest way to do a toe shot is to stick your leg forward and kick the ball with your toe, make sure you don’t move your leg back to gain momentum, this is not what this shot is about.

Grab these three shots we have explained to you and go outside and practice them until you have perfected the craft. As always, make sure you head over to UltimateSoccerStore.com for all your training and game gear.

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