3 Passes to Perfect in Order to Become an All-Around Soccer Player

As a soccer player, one of the most important things you can do is pass the ball. A key pass through a defense is the difference between a goal and a missed opportunity that could cost you the game. As a player, you must be able to do these three passes in order to grow your repertoire.

Push Pass

This pass is one of the most-used in a soccer game. This is one of the most effective passes in soccer for the simple reason that you are able to lock your ankles when passing, giving the perfect ball to your teammate every time.

Wall Pass

Also known as the give-and-go pass, this pass is a tactic in many sports, not just soccer. Because it’s so common, its one of the most basic passes, however, just because it’s basic, it doesn’t mean it’s not effective. The point of this pass is simple, pass the ball to your teammate, and he will immediately pass the ball back to you.

Chip Pass

Just like we spoke a few weeks ago on a chip shot, the chip pass is a crucial part of any players arsenal. You do the chip pass by a jabbing motion down and under the ball to get it up in the air. When you chip the ball correctly, the ball will get a backspin and will slow down the speed of the ball when it hit the ground.

Like all our tips, you must always practice to get it perfect. It’s like we like to say, learning takes five minutes, perfecting it takes a lifetime. As always don’t forget to grab all your training gear here at Ultimate Soccer Store for the best prices and deals on the web.

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